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Ingenillc Consulting

​an affiliate of Koden Consulting Services, LLC


"Freedom to question conventional wisdom does not incite rebellion, it inspires thinking".

"I have personally worked with Lisa on developing my leadership Team and myself on Strengths Training.  Realizing the strengths of each team member has allowed me to better communicate with each director and build a stronger relationship with my team.  Outside of the Leadership training, Lisa also meets with each director each month to focus on their individual strengths, while recognizing the strengths of others.  Through those meetings, Lisa has been a great mentor and sounding board as we discuss specific issues related to our responsibilities.​ "             G. Bowen, CEO, Lifebanc​​.

Ingenillc Consulting is an 'off-shoot' success story manifesting from our current firm Koden Consulting Services​. In 2010, we began identifying and responding to a different set of challenges that our clients were experiencing from Koden's usual portfolio. In 2015 we decided to create an affiliate, Ingenillc Consulting for simplicity in distinguishing its unique focus.

"Inaccurate Assumptions are at the heart of every unwanted outcome."

​Ingenillc Consulting focuses on taking clients through a process of changing unwanted outcomes from repeating and identifying why they happen. We're 'Assumption Busters' partnering with clients to identify the 'why' before implementing the 'how. This serves as a springboard for sparking innovation, creativity and problem solving. 

Ingenillc's approach is distinctly positive. We address negative outcomes using the Appreciative Inquiry and VIA Character Strength Development modalities rather than 'weakness improvement'. We endeavor to expand  the scope of how success is characterized and replicated, often discovery it's presence within outcomes called 'failures.'

Ingenillc provides services to diverse business environments at all levels of an organization tackling issues including high conflict teams; behavioral change; transitions and performance development.