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Since the tragic 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School, there have been over 50 completed and attempted mass shootings at schools. Our country is now averaging one school shooting a week since 2015. The FBI reports active shooter events in general have increased exponentially since the year 2000 and the incidence of completed suicide in the workplace jumped by 12% in 2015.

As a nation, we are neither prepared or practiced in coping with the aftermath from horrific violence in our schools, workplace and public spaces. The reality of what and how long it takes for people to get  'back on-line' following these events is proving a difficult challenge for business leaders, school administrators and public officials. 

Frank DeAngelis and Lisa Dinhofer have teamed up, combining their respective backgrounds in trauma, crisis communication, active shooting incidences and the aftermath, public and workplace trauma events, mass fatality and violent events in schools.

They facilitate presentations, workshops and CEU applicable professional educationon issues relevant to preparing for, leading through and managing the aftermath of these kinds of crisis events.

Lisa and Frank offer a unique format of team teachingco-presentation and panel discussions that include but are not limited to the following topics to help you prepare for and  manage these kinds of incidences.

  • Leading During and After a Crisis
  • When The Shooting Stops: Getting Your Organization and People Back 'On-Line'
  • The Ones Left Standing: Realistic Expectations Following A Traumatic Event
  • Lessons Learned From Columbine and Beyond ​
  • Preparing For The Aftermath: The Relationship Between Social Capital, Recovery and Resilience

Programs are didactic and interactive and include video clips highlighting actual trauma events and survivors.

Programs are highly specialized and customized for the audience attending. Planning includes needs assessments and the establishment of goals and expectations for desired outcomes.

These programs are applicable for:

Senior Leadership, mid-line management and HR professionals

Educational professionals

Law Enforcement

Attorneys, Judges, Court personnel

Social Service and non-profit organizations

​Child Welfare and Foster Care professionals

Healthcare professionals

Hospital Leadership

Mental Healthcare professionals

Call Center professionals

Telecommunication and Dispatch professionals

Forensic professionals

Mortuary professionals


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