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  • Are you responsible for Business Continuity in the event of a crisis?
  • Have your customer service agents received training for working with grieving customers?
  • Challenged with managing an employee following bereavement leave?
  • Was there a death in your workplace?​​

Addressing trauma, grief or loss in the workplace is a subject that invokes discomfort, confusion and avoidance from line staff to senior leadership. Myriad forms of loss are a part of life and the workplace is not immune. There is a disturbing upward trend of active shooters, workplace violence and suicide, attempted or completed in the workplace.

Researchers reported a 12% increase in workplace suicide in 2015 with men 15 times more likely than women to kill themselves at work and those working in front-line occupations such as First Responders, 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide at their workplace.

While Business Continuity plans focus on getting businesses back on line following a disaster, they often misunderstand and miscalculate adequate measures and time frames for addressing the psychological and emotional needs of employees impacting performance. Effective messaging from leadership following a disruptive event is mission critical to effectuating 'real' recovery. 

Companies who brand themselves as ‘family’ to employees are especially vulnerable to the unintended consequences of getting this one wrong. Similarly, customer service representatives untrained in how to work with clients impacted by loss can wreck havoc on long-standing business relationships.

Grief in the workplace is expensive. The Grief Recovery Institute Educational Foundation studied the job performance of 25,000 individuals following a loss and reported an overall annual price tag of $75 billion to companies from loss of productivity stemming from grief in the workplace.

 HR, leadership and customer service training programs typically exclude education on effective communication skills and management of personnel and performance issues from loss issues within the workplace.

Koden, LLC™ is uniquely equipped to support your organization in providing training, situational management and coaching in this area. Our bespoke programs begin with interviews and assessment.

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Workplace Loss

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