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“…In the summer of 2007, we investigated a homicide of a young woman who was the mother of two children. When the investigator and a Victim Assistance Advocate from the Department met with the family at their residence, chaos resulted. Several members of the extended family were present and despite our best efforts, the situation was, for a short time, out of control. The experience was overwhelming and quite frankly, frightening, for our personnel and we quickly realized that we were ill-prepared for this encounter.Fortunately, training existed to assist us. In October of 2007, Lisa presented a one day seminar entitled ‘Death Notification and Related Issues for Law Enforcement’… The training was extremely well received by investigators and helped shape our policy to avoid experiences such as the one described…”        Captain Patricia Walker, (Retired) Director, Police Personnel, Montgomery County Police Department. Difficult Conversations workshop and Other Trauma in The Workplace Services

"I can tell you have a lot of real world experience."  Commander, CIS        Difficult Conversations-Death Notification for Mass Fatality workshop evaluation

I have been acquainted with Lisa since 2009, when she was hired as a consultant for my previous employer. Due to her multi-faceted background, knowledge and personal experiences, Lisa provides a very unique perspective. I urge you to carefully consider Lisa who is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.  She will be coming to you with fresh new ideas and the qualities of a natural teacher: conscientiousness, dedication, intelligence and integrity. I don’t miss an opportunity to recommend Lisa, and the services that she provides.  

Difficult Conversations Workshop, Lisa Herman, CPTC/AOC Clinical Consulting Associates

"I enjoyed the program and am very appreciative of the knowledge level & information provided. I came in expecting more of the same info we've always been given & I left with a lot of knowledge & different perspective & different tools for my job and personal life".  Resilience Building workshop evaluation

Professional & extremely knowledgeable about OPO’s & tissue banking industry which helps provide a trustworthy perspective & gives credit/credence to your information.  Difficult Conversations Workshop evaluation

"Very impressed with instructor-interesting to listen to, knowledgeable, very aware and willing to relate to human condition. Thoroughly enjoyed the day."  Resilience Building workshop evaluation

With Lisa’s training and guidance, we experienced an increase in our authorization rate and a significant decrease in donor registry opposition. Since 2010, each year has yielded numbers higher than that of the previous year. But more surprisingly – and just as eye-opening  – was the change in our team’s dynamic. Under Lisa’s careful one-on-one coaching and team-oriented group work, our coordinators have flourished and are now happy, balanced, and passionate about what they do.  There is a tremendous amount of mutual respect and support for one another, and morale is higher than it has ever been. Conflict is nonexistent, and turnover is rare – since 2010 our only two vacancies have been due to lifestyle change and moving out of state. Unity has replaced mistrust as our common element...Her unique style and extraordinary talent is unrivaled, in my opinion. The results of her training have been undeniable for our team, and our organization. Difficult Conversation Training; Working With Trauma Training, Team Development

Gina Shelton, CTBS | Manager, Consent Services, The Tissue Center Of Central Texas

From start to end, Lisa's presentation is the best I've seen during my 3 years in tissue donation". 

Difficult Conversations workshop & Working With Trauma workshop evaluations  

​The work in a frontline profession, including law enforcement, hospitals, military, child welfare, and education, requires a demanding mix of skills, attributes, boundaries and an incredibly thick skinI have been working in the Child Welfare field for the last 8 years and I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Lisa Dinhofer in the fall of 2012, when she debriefed a crisis situation that had occurred in one of my cases.... I am confident that the expertise Ms. Dinhofer offered when facilitating that debriefing preserved my skill set as a professional social worker. I have since had multiple other interactions with Ms. Dinhofer where she has demonstrated a unique and valuable skill set working with people in a state of crisis and guiding them through that difficult time. Ms. Dinhofer is gifted in training frontline professionals on effective technique in crisis communication and how to deliver bad news...Ms. Dinhofer has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experiences that have impacted me directly as a professional social worker. I strongly recommend that any frontline professional or stakeholder participate in any of her trainings or debriefings she facilitates.  It has been an honor working with Ms. Dinhofer, and I look forward to any future training or exposure I may have to her clinical skill set and valuable guidance.  

                                                          Debriefing and other Trauma in The Workplace Services

Ramona Zeender, LGSW    Department of Health and Human Services    Child Welfare Services, Treatment Foster Care  

"I liked the concrete and clinical approach to topics that are usually glossed over and operationalized then minimized." Resilience Building workshop evaluation 

I would recommend Lisa as a great resource to build a stronger team within your OPO.  She is a great listener and has many years of OPO experience which is critical in knowing and addressing the day to day operations of an OPO.  In speaking with my directors, she has done a great job with other projects tied to consent.   Gordon Bowen, CEO   Lifebanc. Difficult Conversations Training; Working With Trauma Training, Conflict & Leadership Team Development

"Lisa has a layered skill set and deep understanding of working with families." Anonymous evaluation, Working With Trauma training

​Earlier this year, one of our youth in the foster care system suffered the tragic loss of a parent. As expected, the social workers and child welfare staff involved with the case immediately responded to make sure that the child was placed in a temporary foster home, while at the same time assisted with funeral arrangements for the mother. As weeks passed, it was evident that the social workers and staff who had daily contact with this child were beginning to bear the heaviness of this child’s grief. In an attempt to help the staff cope with this difficult situation, our agency contacted Ms. Dinhofer to conduct a debriefing on the case. Ms. Dinhofer approached the experience with a straightforward yet very compassionate manner that made all in the room comfortable...In the end of the debriefing, not only did the participants leave the session with a heightened awareness...but reinforcement from Ms. Dinhofer about the value of continuing their work.  Debriefing and other Trauma in The Workplace Services

Erin Stillwell, LCSW-C   Social Worker     Montgomery County Child Welfare Services  

"The training made me proud of who I work for-what I do". Difficult Conversations Workshop evaluation 

​As the Director of Public Health Preparedness for the Frederick County Health Department, it was my task to coordinate the development of the jusrisdictiopn's Mass fatality and Family Assistance Center Plan. IT became apparent that training was needed both for the staff designated to do death notifications and for the staff tasked with manning the FAC....Staff needed specific training in how to effectively deal with family members...affected by a Mass Fatality event..and overcoming staff's fear of dealing with families in this type of crisis became our first training priority. Fortunately we were referred to Lisa Dinhofer for this type of training. The trainings were extremely well received and the evaluations were consistently positive. She was able to present the information in a way assessable to all and was bale to draw on her extensive experience. I would strongly recommend Lisa Dinhofer to any jurisdiction interested in Mass fatality planning. Barbara Rosvold   Director of Public health Preparedness   Frederick County Health Department    Difficult Conversation workshop; Working With Trauma Training

"Having the opportunity to hear and interact with Lisa Dinhofer was a life experience. Just being in her presence, feeling her energy and passion held me captive. Her words, her experiences, her expressions and her body language compelled me to take an honest look at “who” I am and in what form do I see it manifest. Now I have it, I want to be a giver of peace, that person who can come into any situation and do or say something or nothing and for at least a moment help someone feel peace."          Working With Trauma Training, Graduate Thanatology Student, Hood College, Frederick, MD