The Ones Left Standing: Realistic Expectations Following a Traumatic Event

Conference presentation and workshop focusing on the impact of traumatic events on the brain, behavior, memory, function and coping discussing realistic expectations within business and academic settings for managing employees and staff following a high intensity event. Uses video clips from 9/11 documentary of survivors.

The Invisible First Responder: Unrecognized Impact and Unique Challenges for Telecommunication Officers (TCO's) and Dispatch Professionals.

Applicable to all TCO/Dispatch professionals, supervisors, agency HR staff, crisis/suicide hotline professionals & CPS call center staff, this program addresses: often unrecognized front-line impact; unique TCO's and Dispatcher challenges not shared by their colleagues, secondary effects, triggers and consequences of TCO/Dispatch work, warning signs for TCO's and their supervisors, techniques and tools for mitigation, retention and restoration.


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'Working with First Responders and Disaster Victims-Preparedness Training & Crisis Communication

Presenter and panel moderator at the Disaster Response Summit sponsored by the Federal Allies Institute in Washington, D.C. 

'When Missions Get in the Way: Transforming Interdisciplinary Challenges and Role Conflicts to Improve Outcomes For Abused Kids.'

Workshop presenter at Annual MD Children's Alliance (MCA) conference. This program discussed the challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration and role conflicts between law enforcement, the court system and social service agencies in addressing issues of child abuse and pediatric homicide that can produce unintended outcomes incongruent with respective agency and collective CAC missions.  

Crisis Communication Skills Training for Family Assistance Center Workers Following a Mass Fatality

Crisis communication skills training for myriad social service agencies who will be tasked with manning a Family Assistance Center, (providing non-counseling services) hosting impacted families  following a mass fatality. Program included how to work with individuals experiencing sudden or extreme loss; common trauma and grief related behaviors; changes in the brain and ability to process information and engage in decision-making following a traumatic event; identifying coping behaviors and how to work with those behaviors; common responses to homicide, suicide, pediatric loss, multiple loss & missing remains; interviewing and communicating information to impacted individuals; side effects of performing front-line work following a mass fatality. 

Non-Death and Living Losses Within Adult Foster Care

Presentation for Case Managers and caregivers for adults within a foster care environment struggling with long-term 'non-death' losses and their unique coping and support challenges. 

Training for Writing a Family Assistance Center Plan for Mass Fatality Events

Full day training for emergency response leadership on writing a plan for establishing family assistance centers in preparation for mass fatality event. 

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Evaluator for DHS Mass Fatality Contract

Served as an evaluator for a DHS mass fatality exercise for the OEM of a major metropolitan city. 

Non-Anonymous Donation for DNA Sequencing: Issues and Concerns

Speaker for Biobanking Congress on issues and concerns pertaining to non-anonymous donation for DNA sequencing of living patients, particularly for pediatric cases. 

Keynote Speaker, Informed Consent Issues in Medical Research and Whole Body Donation

Amera conference in Las Vegas on informed consent issues for medical research and whole body donation. Explored current discussion and difficulties regarding 'blanket consent' within the medical research community; current FBI investigations; findings and implications of the Jan. 2015  JAMA study on moral issues affecting willingness to donate for research; complex consent issues as a result of innovation and unforeseen future use. 

When Systems Fail: Impact on Crisis Response Professionals When System Structures Fail During Event Management

What happens when the systems emergency response professionals depend on and assume will be available fail during a mass fatality event? Understandably, we can predict unsatisfactory outcomes for the victims but what is the short and long-term impact for those on the ground?

This unique and impactful workshop program uses searing video clips from an actual mass fatality event featuring dual perspectives from two responders caught in a nightmarish scenario where their best efforts were hampered by system failure. 

Homeland Security Conference 2013

 Speaker at the Homeland Security Conference on 'Mass Fatality Events: Unique Issues for Response & Preparedness Professionals. October, 2013

How Grief & Loss Impacts Everyone in the Foster Care World

Presentation for Foster Care/ Resource Parent Conferences sponsored by the U. of MD School of Social Work. Presentation discussed grief behaviors and triggers in infants, children & teens, birth parents, foster parents & professional case workers; specific types of grief relevant to foster care/adoption issues per stakeholder; dispelling grief myths; short/long-term consequences of unresolved issues; chronic exposure for professional stakeholders. 

A few of our past projects we thought you might be interested in...

'Soul Burn': Managing The Secondary Effects of Work Related Exposure and Trauma.

A day long program for major metropolitan Child Protective Services professionals on identifying, managing and reducing secondary effects from work related front-line exposure. In depth curriculum on differences, causality and addressing burnout, horizontal violence, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, PTSD and vicarious traumatization. This presentation will give special emphasis for those within the in-take area. Tools provided for assessment and management for individuals and organizations.