Koden Consulting Services, LLC has a long standing association with the donation community, emanating from first-hand field experience as a requestor to organ and tissue donor families, a medical examiner liaison and a tissue development manager with associated responsibilities for Hospital Development and Aftercare communications. 

 Koden, LLC™ has been working, training and coaching professionals within the donation community in the U.S. and overseas for over 16 years. Coupled with a background in Thanatology, trauma and crisis communication, we bring to the table a robust skill set for all the challenges that front-line donation specialists are confronted with. We have served as an expert witness/consultant on litigation for invalid consent in over a dozen legal cases.

We don't speak from theory. We speak from first hand experience. We get it. We've walked in those shoes. 

Koden, LLC™ offers authorization training, coaching, mentoring and services for requesting organ, eye and tissue donation. Our approach has always been different from the popular 'getting a yes' training... because it works. How do we know that? From using the very same methods as a successful requestor, feedback from training evaluations, repeat business from our clients and hearing from long-ago students reporting that consistently incorporating what they learned into their practice continues to bring favorable outcomes.

Our favorite? Positive feedback from donor family volunteers at recovery organizations who attend our training. 

For best results we do not use role play as we have found there is little value and commonly provokes anxiety and self-consciousness. Instead we use scenario analysis. Additionally, we separate training for on-site organ requesting from telephonic or call-center tissue requesting. The differences in process, family dynamics and recovery are too much to combine all in one program for the best value of your resource dollars.

We want you to get the most out of this as possible. It's why we routinely suggest inviting adversaries or advocates from your hospitals, funeral homes and medical examiner offices to strengthen or repair relationships and inaccurate assumptions. We encourage inviting other internal stakeholders from HD, Aftercare, Community Outreach...even the CFO...to observe and understand what it really takes to get donors through the door. What requesting is really all about and why training is critical to performance. 

We provide a portfolio of customized authorization services ranging from on-site workshops, short and long-term coaching, mentoring and retreat presentations at your venue. Our association with you begins with our listening to what your current challenges are, what your history has been and an assessment. From there we'll craft and facilitate a program of services that make sense for you and your needs. We forge relationships with our clients that remain long-after the work is complete.

We've been at this a long time and there's a reason why we're still here. 

​Call us. It's what we do.


​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.

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Organ and Tissue Donation Authorization Training

  • Are your requestors experiencing role conflict between recipients, the 'numbers' and  family-centered practice?
  • Do you focus on process or outcomes?
  • Do you train phrasing or talking points? Think they're the same?
  • Are you're people trained for working with their target population or asking for donation? It's not the same.