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  • Manning an FAC is not the same as social service agency work. Has your FAC staff received specific training for this?
  • ​​Do you know the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for effective family briefings?
  • Is writing an FAC plan on your ‘To Do’ list but you don’t know where to start?
  • ​If CNN asked you on national TV why your agency wasn't prepared...how would you respond? 

Developing and Executing an FAC Plan for Mass Fatality Events

For Health Departments or Emergency Response agencies who don't have a Family Assistance Center plan in place or are embarking on writing one, Koden, LLC™ provides training for all relevant Emergency Planning and Preparation stakeholders on establishing goals, expectations and suggested procedures for developing and executing an FAC plan.

Program Details
A customized one day workshop beginning with interviews and assessment. Training is didactic and interactive.

Conference Presentation available.


​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.

What happens when the systems emergency response professionals depend on, and assume will be available, fail during mass fatality events? Understandably, we can predict unsatisfactory outcomes for the victims but what is the short and long-term impact for those on the ground? And how do they recover?

This unique and powerful workshop uses searing video from an actual mass fatality event featuring dual perspectives from two responders caught in a nightmarish scenario where their best efforts were hampered by system failure. Scenario analysis of this event and other real world unexpected issues included.

Program Details

This is an impactful 2 or 4 hour didactic and interactive workshop. Conference presentation also available. 

Mass Fatality

Family Assistance Centers  (FAC)

Crisis is temporary....aftermath is permanent

When Systems Fail: Impact on Response Professionals When System Structures Fail During Mass Fatality Management

Family Assistance Center Staff Training

An unfortunate reality of mass fatality events, whether by natural disaster or acts of violence, is that information concerning missing loved ones or other pertinent issues are not immediately available. Anxious next-of-kin, who may be victims themselves, must endure long hours of waiting and coping with the unknown. A key factor for communities in helping contain panic and efficiently communicate accurate information is the establishment of Family Assistance Centers where impacted individuals wait in a centralized area for news as it becomes available, are available for death notifications and then transitioned to appropriate resources.

Koden, LLC™ facilitates workshops for improving outcomes for those on the front-lines manning an FAC. This training is applicable for health department, social service and crisis professionals at all levels of experience.

*This program does not teach death notification delivery but does include content on working effectively with FAC guests pre and post notification. Program discusses differences in responses between natural disasters and events due to violence. For mass fatality death notification training see ourDeath Notification page.

Program Details
A bespoke one day workshop beginning with interviews and assessment. Instruction is didactic and interactive. Modeling of techniques, video and scenario analysis included. No role play. 

Conference Presentation available.