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Abrupt, uncomfortable or crisis situations can challenge even the best directors to not only manage the incident but get their people back 'on-line'. Employee termination discussions, a death in the workplace or fallout from chronic conflict and dysfunctional communication are just some of what our clients face.

​Do any of the following scenarios apply to you?

  • A recent employee termination went badly...and you have to do it again.

  • After a violent event in the workplace, you're tasked with getting traumatized staff  back 'on-line' and functioning.

  • A Call Center Manager receiving complaints about insensitive communication with customers who recently experienced a loss.

  • You're an organ and tissue donation Manager tasked with improving poor authorization rates and Registered Donation challenges.


  • You're a Funeral Director whose staff is shaken after burying several children killed by an active shooter.

  • ​Dysfunctional communication, 'drama' and chronic conflict has grounded your team to a halt.

  • You're a hospice administrator receiving complaints about insensitive communication with patients and families.


  • You need to provide 'death education' about loss and trauma.

  • Your Child Welfare team needs an emergency debriefing following the death of a client in care.

  • You're planning a retreat for staff to 'regroup' following the death of a colleague.

  • You're A First Responder tasked with delivering a death notification to the family of a fellow officer.

  • You're a prosecutor of violent crimes and child abuse experiencing secondary traumatic stress.

  • You're a crisis hotline manager needing tools to help staff cope with work related trauma and exposure.

  • An emergency response professional haunted by events where expected systems or equipment failed 

  • ​A judge experiencing 'bench stress' (secondary effects of exposure)

  • ​After a mass fatality, national media highlighted the absence of a Family Assistance Center plan for your area. Now the spotlight is on you to write and train for one.

  • You're the Director of a Telecommunications/Dispatch Center for First Responders and you're staff is affected by work-related trauma leadership doesn't understand.

  • You have to give life altering news to a client or patient.

  • You're a teacher struggling to get children 'back to normal' after a traumatic incident at school.

  • ​You're work in a healthcare venue with high mortality and chronic graphic exposure and its getting harder to deal with.

  • ​You're a Law Enforcement professional with high exposure to sexual child abuse materials trying to maintain a 'it doesn't get to me' image.

  • You were tasked with making an apology critical to your organization... and made it worse.

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