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Ingeni, LLC Consulting

Sound Interesting?

"Freedom to question conventional wisdom does not incite rebellion, it inspires thinking".

Ingeni, LLC Consulting is a success story manifesting from our current company Koden, LLC™.  In 2010 we began responding to a different set of challenges our clients were experiencing from Koden's usual portfolio of services. In 2015 we decided to create a separate entity, Ingeni, LLC Consulting, for simplicity in distinguishing its unique services from Koden, LLC™.

Ingeni, LLC is a firm focused on changing unwanted outcomes and helping clients tap into curiosity asking…"what if?" We believe the freedom to question conventional wisdom does not incite rebellion, it inspires thinking. At the heart of every unwanted outcome lies an inaccurate assumption. We're 'Assumption Busters', partnering with clients to identify the 'why' before implementing the 'how' for meaningful change.

Our approach is distinctly positive. We address negative outcomes using inherent strengths rather than 'weakness-improvement' and seek to expand the scope of success, often discovering its presence within events termed 'failures'.

Ingeni, LLC provides services to diverse business environments from leadership to line staff, individuals and teams for: conflict management; outcome and behavioral change; transitions; a strengths-based leadership approach; performance development and 'difficult' workplace communications.