​​Who can you turn to that has the expertise and skill to lead the way to a future that right now, feels out of reach? 

Koden Consulting Services  mentors companies through the aftermath of traumatic or destabilizing events such as COVID-19, active shooter and employee violence, trauma and grief in the workplace, outcomes from bullying and sexual harassment and difficult conversations.

We are Crisis Tamers and We Can Help. 

There is a way forward, even after the unthinkable. Crisis doesn't have to have the last word.

Bespoke training from leadership to line staff to establish clarity and understanding as to the what, why and how to move forward.

"Crisis is temporary but aftermath is permanent."

We are seasoned at facilitating gatherings for individuals and teams to tackle sensitive and consequential issues.

In The Wake of a Crisis or Traumatic Workplace Event...

When you need to pick up the phone and speak to an expert who can provide immediate feedback for the unfamiliar challenges of crisis and its aftermath.

301-366-7944  Lisa@kodenllc.com
Koden Consulting Services, LLC
​Frederick, MD

"I work with subject matter and circumstances most people turn away from."

Lisa Dinhofer

​The 'Crisis Tamer'

Find out why we are part of the Conscious Capitalism community and how CC Core Principals informs our work.

Effective and bespoke coaching (not counseling) for leadership, line staff and private individuals to address myriad performance and behavioral issues in the aftermath of crisis or personal on-going challenges.


​​​​​​"Life impacting events, even the unthinkable, don't have to remain permanently negative inflection points for companies".

Often, the starting point to moving forward. We provide expert facilitation of group and individual debriefing (not counseling or a support group) following a crisis event.