What is Thanatology?

Thanatology is the academic and scientific study of death, grief and bereavement. It comes from the Greek 'Thanatos', who was the personification of death and the twin sibling of Hypnos, personification of sleep. The field of Thanatology covers all relevant issues to loss, end-of-life, dying, death, types of death, types of bereavement, non-death living losses and their associated grief and trauma responses and coping challenges.  ​​

Fee schedule?
We don't provide cookie-cutter programs. All services are customized according to the needs expressed by clients during discussions and assessment. After learning what we'll be doing for you, why and duration will enable us to craft a proposal and fee schedule.

What is the preparation process for facilitating services?
All services begin with preliminary discussions with key decision-makers and stakeholders coordinating services. A proposal for services is crafted and submitted. Once approved a more in-depth assessment begins that will further shape customization and facilitation. Before services commence a planning meeting will finalize logistics.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of staff that you require for on-site training or retreats?
In most cases, no. We facilitate both group and one-on-one formats. We can facilitate the same program in multiple sessions to capture all relevant staff whilst maintaining operations or call schedules for staff with irregular hour positions.

How far in advance can training be scheduled?
Clients in certain fields do contact us following unforeseen or emergent circumstances and our ability to respond is always based on availability. We also contract with clients for long term services that we are obligated to prioritize for the duration of the work. It is advisable to begin discussions as early as possible to reserve your preferred dates.

What materials are provided?
We provide masters of all written materials necessary for service facilitation in advance of commencement for clients to duplicate for participants.

Why we provide masters for handouts?
This has allowed us to reduce printing costs applied to services for added value to the client who can accomplish much the same using their on-site equipment for less. 

Why we have follow up meetings after some of your services but not others?
We provide a continuum of service for optimum results and believe that on-site training doesn't end with facilitation. The next step is getting the information to take hold and change behavior. Clients often need help continuing what was started which we offer in these meetings. We also share feedback that we've gleaned during facilitation that is relevant to clients and also a quantified report of the evaluations. For services beyond on-site facilitation, consistent communication with leadership is built in to the program for real time evaluation and discussion throughout the duration.

 Why we have follow up meetings rather than provide written reports? 
Because we have found over the years reports aren't as effective because often they go  unread, resulting in important details getting overlooked. Instead, we believe in real time interactive discussion where there is an opportunity for us both to ask questions and address any  inaccurate assumptions that can occur with one directional reports. 

 How do I know which service format is appropriate for my needs?
No need to guess! We're happy to provide a 30 minute consultation, free of charge to determine how best we can help and if not, offer other suggestions. Because much of our work is bespoke program development we can offer suggestions that make sense for you and what you want to accomplish. Often a combination of service formats for specific goals is best.

Guarantee of results following completion of services?

A golden hammer laying unused is worthless. Consistency of use and internal reinforcement is what effectuates real change but ultimately the client has ownership of what is occurring in their workplace during our stay and after we leave. Koden Consulting Services, LLC incorporates follow up meetings after workshop training and consistent communication throughout the duration of longer term services to discuss reinforcement linked to new performance expectations. We often recommend incorporating coaching (when applicable) following on-site training to help clients manifest and reinforce behavioral change. We also offer post market, interval surveillance checkins to see how you are applying what was learned over the long term. Whilst we can't guarantee what you'll be doing, we can gurantee that when used properly and consistently our work is effective. 

What's the difference between Koden Consulting Services, LLC and Ingeni, LLC Consulting?

Ingeni, LLC Consulting is a success story. It's about how one company,  Koden Consulting Services, LLC,  created another one...Ingenillc Consulting. Whilst operating  Koden Consulting Services, LLC  since 2004, we began identifying and responding to other challenges in 2010 that our clients were experiencing with performance and behavior, incorporating the modalities featured on Ingenillc insulting's website. See here. Our clients were getting results and calling us back in for more - so we just kept going and growing. Koden's  orientation is training and performance development within trauma and crisis environments whilst Ingeni's is development within the business workplace. Different end users but our background and expertise  (Bio)  enhances our facilitation resulting in proven translational effectiveness. For simplicity, in 2015 we created a separate entity for Ingeni's orientation, officially launching Ingeni, LLC Consulting and marketing the two firms separately. 


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