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​Frederick, MD


What is Thanatology?

Thanatology is the academic and scientific study of death, grief and bereavement. It comes from the Greek 'Thanatos', who was the personification of death and the twin sibling of Hypnos, personification of sleep. The field of Thanatology covers all relevant issues pertaining to death and non-death 'living-losses' and their associated behavioral responses and coping challenges. Additionally, Ms. Dinhofer specializes in trauma events and trauma aftermath. 

Are You Providing Counseling To Companies?

No. Whilst Ms.Dinhofer is a trained counselor, Koden Consulting Services does not provide counseling. Our work typically begins after the grief counselors have departed when leadership and stakeholders begin facing the day to day realities of aftermath that can affect performance, the ability to lead and the overall comfort level of being in the workplace. Our Coaching services are non-therapeutic, tailored specifically to the individual, their role within the organization and what challenges they are facing. 'Homework tasks' are often assigned to address problem areas. Evidence-based, trauma informed techniques and non-therapeutic modalities are used to assist individuals in making progress. 

How Are you Different from EAP, Risk Management and traditional Business Continuity?

Trauma doesn't play fair nor does it follow a linear time line. It is not unusual to have employees seemingly functioning for months after an event and then suddenly can't get out of the car and walk into the building. We bring highly specialized skills and services for managing myriad behavioral, leadership and performance issues following a crisis or traumatic event in the workplace and we bring that work to you-where it happened and no matter how long after. See Business Continuity  and Why Bringing Our Services On-Site Makes A Difference for more detail on how we differ.

How Do We Get Started?
We begin our association with clients by meeting them, either on-site or by Zoom virtual meeting. We find this is a better way to understand what your challenges are, the catalyst for those challenges and what the impact has been. 

Why Do We DO A Needs Discovery Meeting?
What we have found to be a more productive use of our clients time is meeting to do a Needs Discovery to listen, ask questions and then co-create a solution with you that you are comfortable and in agreement with. From there, we will hard copy those solutions and forward to the client for final approval and logistic details. 

Where is Your Fee schedule?
All services are bespoke and designed to the expressed needs discussed in a Needs Discovery meeting. After we co-create a solution with you, we'll then be able to determine cost.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of staff required for on-site training or retreats?
No. We facilitate both group and one-on-one formats. Clients often request we facilitate the same program in multiple sessions to capture all relevant staff whilst maintaining operations.

How far in advance can services be scheduled?
Clients often contact us following unforeseen or emergent circumstances and our ability to immediately respond with services will be based on several factors discussed in our first conversation. We also contract with clients for longer term services that we prioritize for the duration of the work. It is advisable to begin discussions as early as possible.

What's the difference between Koden Consulting Services, LLC and Ingeni, LLC Consulting?

Ingeni, LLC Consulting is a success story. It's about how one company,  Koden Consulting Services, LLC,  created another one...Ingenillc Consulting. Whilst operating  Koden Consulting Services, LLC  since 2004, we began identifying and responding to other non-trauma challenges  with performance, relational issues, behavior and conflict in 2010 that our clients were experiencing using the Appreciative Inquiry and Values in Action Character Strength Development modalities. See here. Our clients were getting results and calling us back in for more - so we just kept going and growing. Koden Consulting Services provides Strategic Advice, Training, Coaching,  Business Continuity and Retreat facilitation pertaining to workplace environments affected by trauma and crisis. Ingenillc focuses on identifying inaccurate assumptions driving unwanted outcomes, problem solving, innovation and talent development. Different end users but our background and expertise is transitive to both environments. For simplicity, in 2015 we created a separate entity for Ingeni's focus, officially launching Ingeni, LLC Consulting and marketing the two firms separately.