Skill for resilience building is preparation for inevitable future challenges. 

While traditional Business Continuity firms focus primarily on the IT system and physical plant of your company, we focus on stakeholder assets within resilience planning, execution and the aftermath of a disruptive unforeseen event. 

We provide strategic advice during risk management/prevention planning, table top and functional exercises. We focus on communication and leadership pitfalls for bringing stakeholders back to a level of functioning and stability.

Without the 'people component' to resilience planning, companies run a greater risk of losing key talent and even seeing their doors close following a crisis or disruptive event.

Areas of focus:

  • Trauma Informed Leadership Training for leading and decision-making that is resonant with the realities of the human response to trauma and its effect on your organization.
  • Avoiding common communication mistakes and fixing them when they happen
  • Establishing trust and transparency with stakeholders
  • Strategic decision making during and post event that align with the realities of the human and organizational response to trauma
  • Team leading when team members are at different levels of functioning
  • Managing 'hot spots' and other trigger places within the workplace
  • Managing 'coping fatigue'; performance & behavioral issues post event
  • Managing the hybrid position of leading and being affected by a crisis event simultaneously .

Workplace trauma from violence, abuse, natural disaster or unintended outcomes is devastating and can forever rob stakeholders of regarding work as a safe place and a touch stone for 'normal.'

Even a serious threat, such as a bomb scare, being confronted with a weapon or menaced with physical violence can be traumatizing with equal effect.

FBI statistics report increasing violence in the workplace since 2012. In 2013 suicides in the workplace jumped 12% and since 2015 our country has averaged 1 school shooting a week (except during 2020), now so common most don't make the news. The likelihood this will or already  has happened in your workplace is very real. There is help for what comes next.

We come in after the grief counselors have left and the bewilderment of 'how do I do this' sets in-for leadership and stakeholders. We understand the myriad and unique issues that manifest in a workplace where the event occurred and have the expertise to mentor your company through that. 

We handle the 'people issues' that most Business Continuity and Risk Management firms do not and its why they reach out to us for guidance in working with their clients.


Our Expertise... helping you find your footing to move forward

COVID has had a major impact on mental well-being world-wide, especially in the workplace. As a non-finite crisis, we've all been challenged with endless perseverance in the face of simultaneous stressors that have overwhelmed our coping mechanisms. 

Resilience building is at the heart of what we do. We assist companies and individuals in: perseverance through uncertainty and crisis fatigue, adaptation challenges of crisis and transformation to meet future challenges.

Resilience is not built in the absence of stressors but during crisis. Every human being comes equipped with the seeds for resilience building, it just takes development.

Resilience building training:​

  • As a preventive measure, before an event has occurred, to increase your company's ability to move forward afterwards.
  •  For better functioning during disruptive circumstances and in the aftermath.
  •  To address COVID related issuesburnout, compassion fatigue, work-related trauma and horizontal violence in the workplace.

We help with phrasing, facial english, body language, optimal timing, locations and seating arrangement to give you the best chance for success when you only have one chance to get it right.

Trauma Informed Leadership and Business Continuity

Bullying & Sexual Harassment

For the last 30 years, companies have been conducting prevention training for bullying and sexual harassment with dismal outcomes and no data showing traditional training methods to be effective. Studies report North American businesses average 2.5 times more workplace bullying than Scandinavian or European countries. Being the target or by stander of workplace abuse can be traumatizing and is a key driver of burnout and work-related stress that is a $300 Billion a year problem for U.S. companies.

We take a completely different approach- that making a workplace environment 'inhospitable' to abusive behavior is far more effective than the traditional prevention training paradigm.

We have a 3 pronged approach to this problem:

Ending, Preventing & Repair 

  •  Target and Upstander training to create a systemic 'allergic' response to workplace abuse with HR policy alignment.  (End & Prevent)
  • Training for closing empathy gaps & building social capital; behavioral alignment with company values.  (End, Prevent & Repair) 
  •  Services to repair the damage and trauma to stakeholders and company culture in the wake of abuse to realign employer and employees in rebuilding trust and resilience. Prevention programs don't repair existing damage. (Repair)
  •  Working with companies to identify and correct core issues within its culture that allowed abusive behavior to manifest and thrive.  (End & Prevent)

Active Shooter & Other Workplace Trauma


Koden Consulting Services, LLC

​Frederick, MD


Resilience Building for COVID and Beyond

Aftermath is not just in the immediate- it's effects can last years. The most successful leaders in the wake of a crisis are those that fully understand the short and long-term impact by setting trauma-informed and realistic expectations with stakeholders and clients for moving forward while keeping the doors open. We can help you accomplish that.​

Compassionate Candor for Difficult Conversations

Understanding how and why workplace abuse happened in the first place offers the best chance to preventing it in the future.

Everyday, conversations relaying 'bad news' happen in our professional and personal lives. Frequently, those leading critical conversations are more focused on managing their own discomfort than the person receiving it, consequently turning discussions into train wrecks. 

FBI Statistics report that a significant number of active shooters had been let go from their job shortly before the event and 17% on the day of termination.

​Wo offer training on compassionate candor for effective messaging and situational management for giving 'bad news' to stakeholders or your clients and how to manage an array of responses to bad news.  We'll also help you repair the damage from unintended outcomes.

Some examples of 'bad news' we train Business Leaders, Physicians, Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Estate Planners, Social Service Providers and Call Centers to facilitate:

  • Employee termination, performance counseling, missed promotion
  • Reduction-in-Force; Company Mergers
  • ​Client termination, unintended outcomes; effective apologies
  • Grim diagnosis/prognosis, metastasis & no-treatment options
  • Death notifications
  • Losing an impactful legal case
  • Unexpectedly being cut from a will; relaying shocking post-mortem information to a deceased client's family
  • Cancellation of needed services; lost customer property; working with clients after a significant loss