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Emergency Debriefings

Sometimes unexpected-even unimaginable things happen- leaving us unsteady, unsure, stuck. Everything comes to a halt and it can be challenging to find steady ground on which to stand. A feeling of safety and security has been breached. Even for those who routinely deal with crisis or trauma and for those who don't this can be a confidence-sapping event and the beginning of a 'performance disrupter'.

Events occurring outside the range of our expectations can alter our internal frame of reference and temporarily or permanently skew our perspective. These events require acknowledging, normalizing, dismantling and re-organizing for those impacted to establish a new 'normal'. This is part of a basic human need we all have to make 'sense' out of a difficult, sudden or unimaginable event.

Koden Consulting Service, LLC provides emergency debriefing for events that have disrupted the work environment and is considered a 'crisis' by those impacted directly or indirectly. It can include the death of a colleague at the workplace or outside of it; an impactful occurrence in the line of your work; an unexpected interloper that has disrupted the work venue. 

Debriefing can be facilitated by group, team, department or individually and is always customized according to need and the event. This is not counseling or group therapy. Instead, it is the sponsoring of a necessary conversation for those affected to incorporate what has happened and be able to move forward, with performance capabilities in tact. 

Koden consulting, LLC has a lot of experience facilitating debriefings for front-line professionsfollowing impactful events in groups and individually. See our testimonial page for some feedback.

Avoid believing 'if we don't talk about it, it will go away.'

No, it won't. But morale, confidence and performance will.

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​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.