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Bespoke programs beginning with interviews and assessment. Special attention is given to traumatic forms of death and it's outcomes for homicide, suicide, pediatric loss, multiple loss of family members, methods for viewing bodies, mutilation and missing remains.

Training is didactic, interactive and uses video clips and scenario analysis.  No role play.

*Programs for Law Enforcement, Mass Fatality professionals & physicians are customized to address issues specific to their work environment and role within the community. We routinely go on ride alongs with patrol officers, duty commanders, fatal collision and homicide detectives in advance of training. We have found this an invaluable tool for learning the particular 'personality' of the agency and community they serve and an additional step for the customization process for program development.

Death Notification

Crisis Communication

Delivering and receiving a death notification has both short and long term impact, creating the potential for unintended consequences if done ineffectively. The news itself may be painful but how that news is delivered doesn’t have to be further damaging...and delivering it doesn't have to be either. 

Many professionals tasked with giving bad news instinctually distance themselves from those they're serving, subscribing to the notion that they must 'protect' themselves. Yet, distancing is a major impediment to effectiveness leading to negative outcomes for those they are serving and sometimes themselves. There are better methods for performing this task and staying safe.

Koden, LLC™  provides workshops on effective techniques for delivering bad news and death notifications for myriad circumstances and disciplines. We work with Healthcare and Mental Health, Social Service, Chaplains, Law Enforcement, Incarceration professionals, First Responders, and Forensic staff . We'll help you develop skills for navigating the choppy waters of giving bad news and get back to calmer seas....intact.


​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.

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  • Are you responsible for delivering bad news or death notifications...and would do anything to avoid it ?
  • Have you delivered or witnessed a death notification that 'went south'  and didn't know what to do?
  • How would someone 'grade' your delivery of bad news? 

Death Notification Following Mass Fatality

An unfortunate and unavoidable task for those responding to crisis is communicating bad news and delivering death notifications. Following a mass fatality, how the delivery is coordinated with overall containment efforts is critical.

A multiple death event requires repeated delivery of bad news, often by the same individuals. Following a large scale event in one’s own community, the potential for delivering news to family of colleagues or personal acquaintances is more likely, increasing the potential for long-term side effects for notification personnel.

Koden, LLC™ facilitates workshops on improving outcomes for notification personnel, recipients and community agencies following a mass fatality. This training is applicable for legal/law enforcement, first responders, chaplains, mortuary staff, healthcare professionals, forensic and crisis professionals at all  levels. The curriculum includes techniques for notifying family of life threatening injury or death and its impact on all stakeholders.

Program content discusses differences in responses between natural disaster and acts of violence and includes issues pertaining to homicide, suicide, multiple deaths within a family, pediatric loss, mutilation, missing remains, assisting in identifying and viewing remains when applicable.