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  • Are you exposed to high rates of mortality in your work?
  • Need help explaining death and loss to children?
  • Are you an attorney who works with divorce, child custody or estates and wills?
  • What's 'normal' and not with trauma and loss?​ 
  • Are you in customer service and frequently work with clients who have experienced  loss?

Working with death and loss within non-counseling professions can be overwhelming and confusing, resulting in avoidance of issues rather than acknowledging and incorporating them appropriately into your work. Identifying and understanding how best to work with your client's responses to the very reasons why they are working with you, will enable you to serve them more effectively. 

Koden Consulting Services, LLC is uniquely positionedto train non- counseling professionals within myriad disciplines how to effectively work with death, trauma and loss when it intersects their normal course of work.

Curriculums can include: the personal impact of patient deaths; consequences of exposure to 'non-normative' death; explaining death to children; understanding grief and trauma responses from 'living losses' within: substance abuse, divorce, custody issues, unexpected or chronic unemployment, geriatrics, traumatic brain injuries, degenerative prognoses and social social services. 

Program Details

Bespoke programs, beginning with interviews and assessment. Conference presentations available.

Death and Loss Education For Professionals

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​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.