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​Conflict Management

We offer workshops and coaching for myriad  conflict challenges within the workplace or in preparation for mediation discussions. We can't solve the conflict for you, but we can help you more effectively approach and work through it for better outcomes.

We'll help you understand 'motivation drivers' and its connection to behavior and conflict.

We'll discuss phrasing, body language, facial english...even 'seating language' and explore what creates and nurtures conflict and it's barriers to decision making.

Program Details

Bespoke programs beginning with interviews and assessment.​
We use peer-reviewed, evidenced based modalities for teams and individuals, from leadership to line-staff.

Conference presentations available.


​We provide free 60 minute consultations to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't we're happy to offer other suggestions.

  • Do you manage a high conflict team?
  • Is conflict 'sand-bagging' productivity?
  • Has aversion to conflict created inertia or paralysis?
  • What's your conflict management style? Effective?
  • Have a client that could benefit from conflict coaching?

Disruptions in relationships are uncomfortable and anxiety producing. Conflict can be a stage for growth within ourselves and with others. It can also, sadly, be a permanent relationship-altering event.

Working through conflict to whatever the end result will be doesn't have to be devastating...even when the outcome is not what we want.

​​​Behind every conflict is a story, driving how we think and feel. But there is a 'surface story' and a 'core' story. We'll help you get to those stories...understand what's driving the conflict... identify attachments to outcomes that may or may not manifest and what that means for how you see the future.​ 

​We can help you move through the process of managing conflict more effectively and live with the results more peacefully.

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