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Our Logo

In many cultures the crane is considered an 'auspicious' animal, symbolizing longevity, good fortune, peace and in particular, healing from illness or loss. It is believed the crane can reach the heavens, carrying the spirits of deceased loved ones on their backs and granting the wishes of those in peril.

Folding paper cranes for one's self and others is an ancient tradition. In 2007, families of 9/11 victims organized the folding of 10,000 paper cranes for display at the 9/11 Tribute Center.


We provide 60 minute consultations free of charge to listen and assess if we can help. If we can't, we're happy to offer other suggestions.

Our Tag Line- "Because Your Words Matter"

It's never just what you say, but how you say it.

  Effective messaging and situational management is crucial to successful outcomes.

What is a crisis for you today is temporary but the aftermath of your response is not.​​​

Our Services 

Koden, LLC™  bridges the gap between knowledge and expertise for the uncomfortable or unexpected situation. We provide training, consulting, coaching/mentoring, retreats and presentations in a variety of formats for short and longer-term duration. 

We also provide emergency debriefings following highly impactful or unexpected events within the workplace. 

See the How We Help page for our portfolio offerings.

About Us

Program Customization

 Our work begins with interviews and assessment. From there we partner with clients to craft a program that makes sense for them.

Our Name

​Within Japanese culture it is customary at the time of death to give family members of the deceased ‘Koden Bokuro’, a gift representing support and condolence, usually in the form of money to defray funeral costs and to provide a meal for loved ones following the service.

Koden Bokuro is presented formally in a white envelope wrapped with black and silver ribbons. The amount is symbolic of the giver’s relationship to the deceased and is considered a sign of respect  for the family and the decedent.

It is a ritual designed to help both mourners and those who care about them have a tangible act and expression of coping and supporting.

Our Focus

Koden, LLC prepares you for addressing unexpected or uncomfortable situations in workplace venues or the field involving abrupt change or disruption, loss and trauma, mass fatality, transitions, termination, chronic conflict, crises, apologies and organ/tissue donation.