What We Do

 We work with senior leadership and their stakeholders from a diverse range of disciplines including Business & Associations, Healthcare, Attorneys, Risk Management, Forensic & Mortuary, Law Enforcement, Estate Planners, Social Service Providers and Call Centers. Because crisis does not cherry pick where it lands, our services are applicable to all disciplines and industries.

​*Due to the nature of our work we navigate highly sensitive issues with clients. As such, we are bound to confidentiality and discretion. Therefore, we do not display or divulge company icons or names on our site or other materials for marketing. Any names on testimonials, or testimonials themselves, appear only with full consent.

Philosophy & Mission


Who We Do It For

Our philosophy is that life impacting events, even the unthinkable, don't have to remain permanently negative inflection points for companies and their stakeholders. 

​Our mission is to be a force for good, mentoring companies and stakeholders impacted by traumatic workplace events to regain stability, build resilience and create a new normal in order to thrive. 

How We Do It

Our work is customized to the client, their challenges and an effective approach . We engage in a Needs Discovery with our clients and then co-create a solution with them that they are comfortable and in agreement with. We offer:

  • Strategic Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • Training
  • Coaching (not counseling)
  • Debriefing
  • Retreat Facilitation 

We are crisis tamers, working with subject matter and circumstances most people turn away from. We  come in after the grief counselors have left when companies and stakeholders are destabilized and bewildered about how to move forward in the face their new reality.

Founded in 2004 by Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT, Koden Consulting Services, LLC is a full service consultancy.  We mentor companies at all levels through the aftermath of crisis and traumatic events, workplace abuse and unintended outcomes from disastrous communications.

We help you regain stability, build a new normal and keep the business going, reducing the chances of losing key talent or ultimately seeing your doors close.

We do NOT provide counseling. We DO provide trauma informed, non therapeutic modalities and services. 

Koden Consulting is a Conscious Business incorporating the core principles of Conscious Capitalism in our work with clients. We are active members of the Conscious Capitalism Community.

​In 2010, Koden Consulting formed an affiliate firm, Ingenillc Consulting, after we began identifying and responding to a different set of challenges that our clients were experiencing from Koden's usual portfolio. 

About Us...and how we help you

We have a portfolio of trauma informed non-therapeutic modalities and services to address the aftermath of:

  • Active Shooters & Other Workplace Trauma Events
  • ​Bullying & Sexual Harassment
  • ​Difficult Conversations & Unintended Outcomes
  • Resilience Building
  • Business Continuity​​​


​We work with leadership to tackle the unfamiliar challenges that the aftermath of workplace abuse and trauma brings, aligning employers and employees to work in unison towards building a new normal. We address the many unique challenges of continuing to work in the environment where the crisis took place.


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Koden Consulting Services, LLC

Frederick, MD