"Ever have a challenging situation turn into a regrettable event?..."

Call us "old fashioned"but we believe in starting relationships by listening....and we're looking forward to listening to you and offering suggestions on how we can help.

Koden Consulting Services, LLC


​​​Who Do We Help?​​

Koden Consulting works with a wide range of clients from myriad industries.

We're seasoned educators to: law enforcement, child welfare agencies, security/risk management, emergency response preparedness, social work, healthcare and mental health, forensic, mortuary, clergy, Call Centers and business professionals from senior leadership to line staff.


We have a long standing history working within healthcare, specifically organ and tissue donation and with other medical professionals at all levels who assist families unexpectedly grappling with end-of-life decisions, usually following a traumatic event. ​

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Koden Consulting Services, LLC  prepares those tasked with responding to unexpected or uncomfortable challenges in the workplace and in the field.

These challenges involve: ​Traumatic workplace events, Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the workplace, termination and impactful transitions, difficult conversations, chronic conflict and apologies that are critical. ​​​

We deal with tough subject matter but we're comfortable with the uncomfortable.

It's what we do.


We can help you become comfortable too.

And when you're comfortable you get better outcomes